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De'dria Louise Bynum, MPA

De’dria Bynum is a testament that God has the power to break every generational curse that was designed to block you from God’s will for your life. Throughout De’dria’s life, she encountered several hindrances that were intended to interrupt her destiny. By the age of twenty, she had become fatherless, molested, physically abused, homeless, tainted, and a single mother of one. Yet, it was in December of 2011 that she gained a spiritual encounter with God in one of the darkest places of her life. She would never be the same. 

Having become a young mother, De'dria pored herself into motherhood, learning through lessons-- never to look back. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Art in Sociology in 2013, as well as a Master of Art in Public Administration, with a concentration of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in 2016. But these were only stepping stones, as God has called her to go deeper.  Now, at the age of 27, being a mother to two, God has shown himself to be faithful; encouraging De‘dria to share her testimony with women all over the world. De’dria now has a heart to inspire by spreading the gracious healing and hope of our Father to the mother's who are going through some of the trials that God has brought her through. For additional information, visit https://iamdedrialouise.com/.